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Relocation of machines

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Relocation of machines

Machinery Relocation


Industrial Relocation | Factory Relocation | Machinery Relocation

We are a market-leading provider of intelligent, end-to-end, fully integrated logistics solutions for industrial relocation, factory relocation, machinery relocation, comprehensive factory relocation service and multimodal transportation.

Machinery Relocation
Comprehensive Plant Relocation


Plant Relocation

Relocation of machines – production lines – relocation of factories We offer professional, safe, and precise relocation of machines and production lines of machine parks. We specialize in loading and unloading of machinery, transportation of machinery and equipment, relocation of machinery – including oversized and heavy machinery – and transfer of entire production lines, factories, and plants. Our industrial relocation projects are planned in detail, which ensures the success of the project and minimizes production downtime to a minimum.

We use modern equipment such as mobile cranes, frame cranes, transport rollers, platforms, forklifts, small electric pick and carry cranes, including electric cranes with a total lifting capacity over to 100 tons, which are rare on the market. This allows us to carry out precise relocation work even in hard-to-reach places and ensures environmental care.
Our services of production line relocation, machine relocation or factory relocation are planned in every detail, with maximum safety and at the optimum time to ensure minimal costs associated with production downtime, machine dismantling, machine transport and machine relocation and as little as possible disruption to the production process.

Why us?

We have the necessary knowledge, skills and know-how concerning, among other things, industrial relocation management techniques, machinery relocation or factory relocation, as well as many years of experience in these services, which allows us to meet requirements of even the most demanding relocation projects. Moreover, in the relocation process, we follow a strict plan and schedule, adhere to rules, policies, and procedures, and stick to a set budget.

What do we offer?

  • relocation of machinery,relokację maszyn,
  • relocation of production lines and industrial plants
  • moving machinery inside and outside the plant
  • machine transport and multimodal transport,
  • dismantling of machinery and equipment, their assembly and transport (including oversized ones),
  • unloading of machines, positioning, connecting, and commissioning,
  • disconnection and reinstallation of supply media and tests and measurements,
  • digital levelling,
  • additional services: crane rental, relocation consultancy, risk assessment, fixing of equipment and inspection.

Our services:

Industrial relocations

Comprehensive industrial relocations tailored to customer needs, i.e., relocation of factories – entire industrial plants and mechanical infrastructure. Managing the process at every stage. Meeting stringent work safety requirements. Comprehensive service, from dismantling of machinery and equipment, through packing and transport, to re-assembling the entire infrastructure – production lines and production cells, connecting utilities, taking measurements. We will undertake any project, regardless of its complexity, scope of work or size of devices and machines. We have specialist equipment such as mobile cranes, frame cranes and specialised forklift trucks at our disposal, which allows professional relocation of production lines and industrial plants.

Machinery relocation
Relocation of machines, including heavy, asymmetrical, large-size machines. We have necessary expertise, extensive and modern technical background and experience allowing us to relocate machines on time, within budget and in complete safety. In addition, we offer additional services such as carrying out energy surveys, connecting devices and digital levelling. Relocation of machines begins with preparation of a precise project, taking into account the needs of the customer and the conditions in the new place. Then we disassemble the machines and prepare the appropriate documentation, clean, and pack the parts for safe transport. Moving of machines is planned in the best conditions and with proper protection, using the shortest and most convenient route to minimize the risk of damage. The last stage is unloading and assembly of machines and their balancing and connecting, within safety standards and after previous visual inspection and measurement of workplace.

How is the collaboration going?

Our customers benefit from working with us from the very beginning – each one is assigned their own project management team who consistently execute the process from A to Z, working alongside our engineers, production, and assembly teams. As a result, projects are completed on time and at full cost optimization, and close cooperation with the customer allows the project to be tailored to their needs.
Cooperation in the relocation of industrial machinery and equipment or plants is carried out in the following stages:


  • Evaluation and conceptualization.
    Evaluate the feasibility of the project given the budget, schedule, and scope of work.
  • Planning and design.
    Set work deadlines, estimate budget, check availability of materials and resources, and develop goals and priorities necessary for project success.
  • Project execution.
    Dismantling of machinery, plant, and equipment, packing, loading, transporting machines to final location. Unloading of machines, reassembly, levelling, connection of utilities, final calibration.
  • Monitoring and control.
    Checking the functioning of connected machines, equipment and summarizing the project using the key factors determining its success.

Why is it worth it?

A comprehensive service of machinery relocation covers the development of relocation plan, taking into account the needs of the customer, equipment requirements and conditions in the new location, precise disassembly of machines with drawing up necessary documentation, transportation of machines in optimal conditions and with the best possible route, unloading machines, their assembly and connection in the new location.

Relocation, transportation or transfer of machines or entire technological lines is, despite appearances, a very complicated process, requiring appropriate resources and precise planning. Thanks to ESOX Industrial Automation you will optimize the whole process in every aspect, and meticulous planning of activities, their synchronization and process optimization will allow effective, safe, and professional execution of the project with the lowest possible impact on the production capacity of the plant. Over 20 years of experience in machinery relocations and installations of entire production lines, hundreds of loaded, unloaded, and relocated machines and specialized equipment, including small electric cranes, guarantee work comfort and safety (no exhaust fumes) for our customers' employees present on production halls during the relocation process.


Trust the relocation specialists

Trust is earned. With every project completed on time and within the assumed budget. With each professionally conducted machine relocation or relocation of production lines. With each task carried out safely and with optimized costs. By providing customers with exactly the services they need, we build trust over the years. We put the customer's needs as our priority, which allows us to deliver the best quality service. We are committed to ensuring that our clients are fully satisfied with our projects and this approach pays off – for us and for our clients.

We combine these values with the latest, intelligent logistics solutions and specialised staff who have a high work ethos and are dedicated to deliver even the most demanding projects. Such a mix is a guarantee of success!

We pride ourselves on taking care of industrial relocation from start to finish, starting with the removal of specific elements at an existing plant, disassembly of machinery and equipment, preparation of necessary documentation, through packing, loading, transportation of machinery, to the reassembly of machinery, equipment, installations and taking measurements.

From industrial equipment and production lines to sensitive laboratory apparatus, we can move and reassemble anything. We have over 20 years of experience in relocating all kinds of machinery. No matter how complex the logistics or how large the scope of work – we specialize in assembling large and oversized machinery and individual pieces of equipment.

Each of our industrial relocation projects is approached individually and with full commitment. We carefully analyse all details of the project, optimize them together with our client, thanks to our long experience and hundreds of completed projects, and we outline the schedule and estimate the budget.


When relocating machines, we can offer other services to our customers, taking advantage of our expertise in industrial automation, i.e.: optimisation of technological processes, replacement or utilisation of machines, professional technical measurements, automation consultancy, connection, technical and installation projects.

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Załadunek maszyn CNC na samochody transportowe dla przedsiębiorstwa zajmującego się produkcją części do lotnictwa.
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Demontaż oraz relokacja maszyn dla firmy
zajmującej się produkcją m.in. elementów
zawieszenia oraz ogólną gałęzią automotive
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Demontaż oraz załadunki poszczególnych części prasy dla firmy zajmującej się odlewami aluminiowymi.
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Rozładunek oraz transport frezarki 5-osiowej HERMLE dla własnego użytku.
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Rozładunek,relokacja oraz podłączenia maszyn do obróbki głowic oraz bloków silnika dla jednej z firm działającej w branży automotive.
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Rozładunki oraz posadowienie servo prasy dla klienta z branży automotive.
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Rozładunek oraz relokacja prasy dla firmy zajmującej się produkcją wszelkiego rodzaju komponentów elektrycznych dla gałęzi motoryzacyjnej.
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Rozładunek wraz z relokacją na miejsce pierwotne wtryskarki do wyrobów gumowych.
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Rozładunek wraz z relokacją na miejsce pierwotne wtryskarki do wyrobów gumowych.
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