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Robotics and machine automation

Our production processes automation offer covers a wide range of solutions for industry, including complete integration of all kinds of machine automation systems, robotics, electrification and digitalization, computer software, control technologies and advanced analytical services. We are distinguished by our determination to create effective systems, experience, innovative and flexible approach to projects and the use of world-renowned high-end products, systems, and solutions. Today it is difficult to imagine industry without automation – using automatics and robotics in production and control processes improve production efficiency and ROI, increase competitiveness of companies, reduce costs, and improve safety. Nowadays machine automation uses neural network technology, a derivative of AI, which allows even more efficient and customized solutions. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of robotics, vision systems and other solutions that use artificial intelligence which results in creating even better, more comprehensive, and innovative systems for our customers.

Robotics and machine automation
Innovative and flexible


Your benefits
Increase efficiency through production automation

Well-designed automation of production brings tangible business benefits in the form of improved product quality, maintaining product identity and better precision of production, due to the elimination of errors caused by the human factor, as well as increased efficiency through the ability of systems and robots to work 24 hours a day and much faster than employees. This shortens the path of products from the belt to the market, which allows you to increase revenues in a shorter time.

The use of robots and machine automation guarantees cost optimization and is cheaper than hiring employees. In addition to the initial installation costs, only maintenance and energy costs are incurred, resulting in significant savings in the long term.
Effective improvement of safety in an industrial plant is one of the main advantages of using robots. Employees are no longer required to perform risky tasks that involve contact with chemicals, carrying loads, or working in harsh environments, for example.

What distinguishes us?

We are a reliable partner for our customers, offering all key components to create an effective automation system.

We are distinguished by the high quality of our products, the comprehensive skills of our engineers, our passion for our work and our many years of experience in various projects as a general contractor and as a subcontractor for leading automation companies.

We are always 100% committed to the project, which we create from scratch and lead to its implementation, and we offer technical support at every stage of the investment.

During the execution of each order, we focus primarily on an individual approach, i.e., precise adjustment of solutions to the expectations set by our customers.

Our success is also based on constant development and improvement of skills, which is why we place a very high emphasis on education and training of our staff.

We do not engage with projects that we are not sure will be profitable and will actually improve the customer's production automation processes.

Each order acceptance is preceded by an in-depth analysis of profits and costs, needs and limitations, and our motto is:

"There are no impossible things, only unprofitable ones!"



Our process

Automation of production processes

Designing, constructing, and implementing machines, devices and systems increasing production efficiency while ensuring work safety. The service of production process automation offered by our company involves a few stages, which is preceded by a thorough diagnosis and analysis of the current situation on the production line, in the plant or factory. Each project is carried out with utmost precision and with an individual approach to the customer.

The design process we offer consists of:

  1. Idea
    Getting to know the needs and expectations of the client, defining the assumptions and goals of the project, getting to know the standards of the client.
  2. Concept
    Develop a concept and present an offer in precisely tailored to the needs of the client.
  3. Design
    Automation and electrical design of machines or entire production lines.
  4. Technical Documentation
    Create technical documentation: 3D model, electrical schematic, and PLC/HMI program, drawing electrical schematics in ePlan software. The schematics are the basis for controlling and supervising the layout at the plan and project levels, as well as for possible upgrades and designing maintenance and updates in the future.
  5. Making parts and assembling components
    Fabrication of mechanical parts and ordering of all materials needed.
  6. Prefabrication of control cabinets, switchboards, operator panels
    Preparation of operator panels, control and switching cabinets, which allow efficient and effective supervision and control of the introduced automation.
  7. Installation
    Assembly of mechanical elements, cabinet, and operator panel, making electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic installations.
  8. Commissioning
    Start-up of the system at the company's headquarters with testing the solutions and machine performance, followed by start-up at the customer's premises and machine testing and training.
  9. Technical support
    Providing technical service and support, ensuring proper functioning of the machine.

Additional services in the area of machine automation

Reconstruction and modernization of existing control systems
After a thorough diagnosis of the current situation and verification of the elements working well, working less well or not at all, we propose a scheme of a new layout or modernization of the existing ones.

Reproducing diagrams from paper versions
Paper documentation enables reconstruction of schematics on the basis of new elements in order to restore the original performance and efficiency of systems, in situations where it is impossible to upgrade on the basis of the actual state due to too deep changes in the operation of machines and systems.

Tworzenie schematów istniejących maszyn
Na życzenie klienta przygotowujemy dokumentację papierową, która w przyszłości może być pomocna przy modernizacji i prowadzeniu konserwacji.

Creating diagrams of existing machines
Upon request, we prepare paper documentation that can assist in future upgrades and maintenance.

Retrofit of machines
Restoring the old functionality, improving the safety of use, performing machine modifications based on improvements, upgrades, and modernization. Retrofit of a machine is recommended if the decrease in performance is due to malfunctions, defects, or wear, but it is not necessary to replace it with a new one.

Design and manufacturing of original circuits and controllers
Creating from scratch, tailor-made system, which will not be based on ready-made sub-assemblies and will replace a black box on the way of starting up a machine or an object. Offered when solutions based on off-the-shelf components prove to be unprofitable, inefficient or there are no components that meet the requirements of the project.