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Industrial automation

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Industrial automation


PLC programming

As part of our production automation service, we offer PLC programming, that is, programming a microprocessor device responsible for controlling a machine and troubleshooting its operation. PLCs operate sequentially with the help of software, take information through inputs like relays and sensors and interact with outputs like valves, motors, conveyor belts. A PLC connected to a machine can control its functions like light barriers, temperature parameters or other measurement functions. Remote machine control is perfect for production and technological lines, allowing for automation of production processes.

PLC programming
Optimization and development


Use of PLC
From design to diagnostics

PLC programming offered by us includes design of control programs, implementation of PLC control for process optimization, possible expansion of PLC usage, maintenance, and fault diagnosis after PLC control implementation. Thanks to education and long experience in PLC programming, our engineers and technicians can suggest the most suitable machine control system using PLC programming.


PLCs are characterized by high reliability and failure-free, safe operation. Manufacturers of such devices provide service support in the field of hardware and software.


A control system using PLC programming can be scaled to increase its range of use, and it demonstrates integrated operation with other devices and systems for automation of production lines.

What distinguishes us?

Our offer also includes non-standard solutions for PLCs: proprietary applications that allow archiving and processing data available in PLCs. Thanks to them we are able to provide fully developed and very extended diagnostics, which often allows solving problems that are practically impossible to detect by any tools available on the market.

Original, non-standard applications
We offer controller programming services based on existing customer standards as well as our own solutions. Proprietary, open-source prototype systems allow us to generate accurate reports and analysis, save time on technical support and solve out-of-the-box problems

Precise documentation
Every program we create is perfectly documented. We have internal programming standards, and we make sure that our code is clear and easy to analyse, both by our programmers and third-party teams.

Advanced knowledge of standards and languages
Our experienced programmers are familiar with both new and old programming standards and many programming languages to an advanced degree. They have also developed their own internal programming standards.



In control systems programming we mainly use SIEMENS controllers, including SIEMENS FAILSAFE, but we also offer PLC programming of other companies, e.g., Ge Fanuc, Omron. We can boast of many years of experience in programming control systems based on industrial networks such as Profinet, Profibus (DP), Industrial Ethernet and ASI.

We carry out projects using devices from the following manufacturers:

  • Step5, Step7, TIA Portal
  • GX IEC Developer, GX Works
  • RSLogix 500, RSLogix 5000
  • Proficy Machine Edition
  • EN7
  • WinProladder
  • CX-One
  • U90Ladder, VisiLogic
  • WAGO-I/O-PRO (CoDeSys)
  • ActWin

At the request of the customer, we can quickly learn the appropriate software and meet the requirements of implementation of the task using machinery and equipment from other manufacturers. Our programmers are happy to take on such challenges and expand their knowledge and acquire new know-how.